Proenza Schouler S/S 2011

Thursday, 10 February 2011

(Click for image for larger)

Although the colour has been slightly turned down in this collection (except for the fluro twenties style dresses, perfect for doing the Charleston in space) it's still fantastic. I think what attracts me most to it is that it all looks so soft! I just want to lie in a big pile of it. The pink and nudes hues are so soft they make me a little bit sleepy, but the good sleepy, like when you wake up on a Saturday thinking it's Friday and then realise you don't have to get up and you can in fact roll over and doze to your hearts content. This is definitly a less-skin-is-more vibe, something i think is getting more popular, it's all about suggestion of the shape underneath rather than flaunting the flesh that makes a woman sexy. This season's woman has such a powerful stride she's making the ground shake. Men beware.


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