DKNY A/W 2011

Monday, 14 February 2011

Ok, so this is a lot of pictures but I mean, come on, it was worth it right? I think DKNY is one of my absolute favourites, highlights for me being the mid thigh grey coat, black and cream mohair stripe jumpers, and the pink one at the top, and the red trousers. Trouser are definatly going to be a focus point this A/W. I've seen pink and silver glitter, leather, shiny lurex and billowing camel flares. It's all very exciting, i was searching for some pink trousers for spring but i think i'm going to pass on right through to A/W and get a red pair. But moving on from my shopping plans to this collection. It's so darn wearable, i think that's what makes it so good. And it's made me very excited about the new trends.
Winter looks set to be black, red and orange with a hint of pink and white here and there. Fabric wise; leather, fur, anything that came from an animal really (though let's keep it fake people). Shapes are simple, demure (long length are here to stay hooray!), trousers rule and pleats are perfect. And it looks like the designers remember how cold it was last winter because doubling up your jackets (cropped leather over a posh blazer) is very cool, keeping you very warm come fall.


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