Missoni A/W 2011

Monday, 28 February 2011


Oh my lord i am in love with Missoni right now. I'm drafting a proposal as we speak it goes 'Dear Missoni, you are god, please marry me instantly'. Good right? I mean it's just heavenly! I love knitwear as a rule anyway but it's all soft looking, all the colours blending together like sunsets, the florals, the rainbow snakeskin floor length coat (i swear my jaw didn't just drop it fell off), the long lengths, the slouchy, effortlessly sexy, embodiment of all my desires. Am I being a little OTT? I think not.

Dolce and Gabbana A/W 2011


Now i tried to have only five top favourites from A/W but it's really getting difficult! This is so pretty, i love the girly, ditzy star print mixed with the masculine tailoring, although i find myself more attracted to the more manish clothes (i need to find a well dressed man to befriend so i can steal his clothes mwah haha), although I'll defintly be looking for a pair of navy star printed trousers (I feel a DIY projects coming on). There is a healthy dose of sequins as well as lots of fabric for a good swish. I'm being more and more convinced by this whole fur thing, i think i need a fur wrap to go around my shoulders and under my blazer lapels. Either that or I'll stud them with star badges and pins (very Gok Wan). Not so sure I'll be able to shop less and wear more though, mean old designers, why must they be so good!

The Retro Show

Friday, 25 February 2011


I had a wicked night on Wednesday at the 'Retro Show' held inside 'Dry Bar' in Manchester (find it halfway up Oldham Street). Dressed in our retro best, we watched an array of vintage clad models stomp down the catwalk in almost breathtakingly high heels (they deserved applause for this on its own I thought). Off Jenny and I went after work, we were a little early and stopped off in Night and Day next door for a drink or two. Then at seven we skipped next door and were greeted by three lovely girls (and one lovely guy) handing out free rum and coke at the entrance to the first 100 people to arrive, very good way to start anything I think. The show was a little (fashionably) late but this gave us enough time to buy wine and find good seats. Pop boutique, Blue Rinse, Junk and Best Vintage showed about eight to ten looks each, Junk I think, being the best. NARS did some fabulous makeup and made my desire for the entire NARS lipstick range even stronger.

There was lots of leopard which i always enjoy, was gutted not to get a better picture of the above but i did my best! It was very well styled, really funky with a clever mix of patterns and colours. Lots of brights too as well as several nods to the seventies. During half time we were entertained by burlesque dancers who shimmied up and down the catwalk hiding their personals behind large flowers and garden tools! I saw a few older ladies looking a little pale but i loved it, after my first burlesque experience last Friday night I was definitely ready for more!

Also during the shows we were invited to nip into the back of the bar and peruse various vintage and boutique stalls. I met the lovely and gorgeous creator of Spanglewear (click to visit the website but you can also visit them at 'I fancy you', 251 Hoxton Street, London, N1 5LG) Spanglewear does incredibly cool, handmade festival fashion and casual fancy dress as well as offering a bespoke service if there is anything a little different you have in mind! She was kind enough to allow me to take a few pictures as well as one of herself modelling my favourite leopard (of course) print hood.

An amazing feather adorned cape and black and white stripe pants,

One of the to-die-for reversible dresses,

And lastly, me, in my new pleated skirt, my leather studded belt and thrifted orangey-caramel shirt which had it's arms cut off in my latest attack on my wardrobe (every item lives in constant fear that it will be next for my rarely successful DIY bouts). There were lots of very stylishly dressed ladies and gentlemen about but my blogging confidence doesn't quite stretch to asking for photos yet, but give me time (and a better camera!).

I do hope there is another one soon!

more fantasy shopping

Thursday, 24 February 2011


top - Hussein Chalayan, skirt - Jil Sander, necklace - Tom Binns, shoes - Rupert Sanderson

Mary Katrantzou A/W 2011

Wednesday, 23 February 2011


I'm so happy to see another designer going completely bonkers. Not that this style is surprising from Mary Katrantzou but it's still beautiful. You could literally stand and stare at any of these pieces like a work of art for an hour and still see something new at the end of it. It's like a feast for the eyes. It feels kind of Renaissance mixed with Oriental mixed again with Alice in Wonderland. Simply, it's undefinable. More, please!

Mark Fast A/W 2011


Mark Fast was another designer i was really, really excited to see and my excitement was not in vain. It started of amazing, lots of his signature knitwear, that looks both snug and sexy at the same time (no longer an impossible task), and then boom! Black shiny leather! I thought I had slipped into some sort of fashion fantasy world (work is pretty slow today) but no, after creamy, white, knitted gorgeousness does come kick ass, patent, completely over the top (in a good way) leather clad models. I'm in heaven. A knitwear and leather heaven.

Peter Pilotto


I read on ElleUk that Peter Pilotto's and Christopher De Vos' stunning collection this fall was inspired by the recent student riots in Paris. They joked that the result might have been quite different if it had been the students from London instead. I can only agree with a sigh of relief!


Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Are these not the most amazing necklaces and body pieces you have EVER seen. They are like magical eyes. Slighty (and by slightly i mean completely) out of my price range but so, so beautiful. Lust after or buy here.

Top Shop Unique

photo taken from the fashion police
Apparently the inspiration for the TopShop Unique fall collection was Cruella DeVille and the Dalmatian puppies. The show was opened with Cruella's evil laugh before the models paraded out in spots and fur, complete with cute pigtails made to look like animal ears. Wish I was there. Cruella is one of my favourite characters, I thought Glen Close played her so well.

Erdem A/W 2011


How awesome are the prints here? What a contrast from springs virginal, soft hues and crisp, clean whites. If S/S was day time in the forest then A/W is set at midnight right in the middle of some kind of dark fashion ritual sacrifice party. There would be lots of drums. But back to reality, it really is beautiful. I love the more darker take on Erdems usual florals, like excotic flowers at the bottom of deep, murky pools, lit by moonlight and the more technicolour ones towards the end of the collection. Fabulous.