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Thursday, 3 February 2011

My fluro pink maxi came in the post but it's not quite right, a little clingy. I have decided i need something more floaty and definitly more forgiving! And in lilac or cornflower blue so i can wear it with more things. I wish i knew where this one was from. I've been searching for a similar one all week long, i found a few on a belly dancing apparel website but they are not quite the right colour. I'm so annoyed at the shops at the moment, they are taking SO long to get their spring collections out, i can't wait much longer!


Amina said...

Lilac will be so "in" come fairy season, but im loving the idea of cornflower blue clashing with the neons, or you could go a bit retro and mirror M.Jacobs peasant/Gypsy look for the top half, but my favourite combo would be maxi teamed with the "gathering trend"

focusing on the structure of the top...
(perhaps a better match if it came in a beige of some sort)


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