Rear Window

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

I recently watched Rear Window for the first time (a film i borrowed from a friend about two years ago and kept meaning to watch, honest) and really enjoyed it, mainly because of Grace Kelly's consistently amazing outfits. The full skirts, the turn up jeans, the loafers, the gloves, the structured purse, the sheer fabric (very now); her clothes are playful and slightly suggestive yet impossibly demure and elegant. Basically what were all striving for, she pulls of with complete ease and nonchalance. I'm really enjoying the ladylike turn style is taking at the moment, i'm going to stock up on midi's and maxi's, i've spied a gorgeous one in H&M. Though with the success of my sheer layered skirt sewing project, i might just make one. (Pictures coming later!)


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