Dolce and Gabbana A/W 2011

Monday, 28 February 2011

Now i tried to have only five top favourites from A/W but it's really getting difficult! This is so pretty, i love the girly, ditzy star print mixed with the masculine tailoring, although i find myself more attracted to the more manish clothes (i need to find a well dressed man to befriend so i can steal his clothes mwah haha), although I'll defintly be looking for a pair of navy star printed trousers (I feel a DIY projects coming on). There is a healthy dose of sequins as well as lots of fabric for a good swish. I'm being more and more convinced by this whole fur thing, i think i need a fur wrap to go around my shoulders and under my blazer lapels. Either that or I'll stud them with star badges and pins (very Gok Wan). Not so sure I'll be able to shop less and wear more though, mean old designers, why must they be so good!


Christine said...

I'm also loving quite a few pieces from this collection! It's so fun and glamourous!

Nice blog you have here :)

x Christine @ Fash n Chips

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