Marc Jacobs A/W 2011

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Oh Marc. You are amazing. I lusted after your clothes in Harvey Nicoles when i was thirteen and i still do now (and i still can't afford them, please lower your prices). He's done it again, no surprise, i've been excited to see his A/W collection ever since the A/W's started to come out. There are some amazing textures going on, lots more shiny stuff, padding, more fur, as well a few extra colours for the A/W pallete - deep blues, browns and maroon. And i think it's pretty clear that polka dot are going to HUGE this winter (she says as if it's not still winter). Facilitated by the fact that they are cute, fun and something the highstreet can easily replicate. I'm not sure if they will do so well on the curious circle cut skirts and dresses but you never know, they are getting better and better every season. The whole collection has a very ladylike feel what with the gloves and little hats. There is also an abundance of pencil skirts this winter and billowing blouses in shiny silk. It's going to be a very classy winter indeed.


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