Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Pictures from MaFashion, and elsewhere that I can't remember....

fashion talk

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

It's no secret to everyone I know that I'm a bit into fashion. When I say a bit, I mean, well I don't even know how to describe it because it's just this feeling I get when I see a piece of fashion I like and the more I look at it the more I love it and actually feel sometimes like I'm absorbing the colours somehow and it just jumps off the page into my mind, now a 3D object, twirling and becoming different outfits. I know that some people might think that sounds mad but others will know exactly what I mean.

I can't even remember when it started, it has always been this way. Even when I was a little kid I just loved going shopping with my mum and going through rails of clothes at the shop, touching the different fabrics and seeing the different patterns and cuts. I remember looking at clothes when I was little and just being so excited by all the different possibilities they offered, how many outfits could go together, what colours, what styles. I just wanted to dive right in. I've gone through so many different styles myself. I've put on so many outfits and become so many different women. I used to sit and read through the catalogues at home, (were talking like every other night, a new catolougue arriving was a big treat) picking things I liked and thinking about trying this and that, I found it so relaxing just sitting there with nothing but clothes to look at.

Then of course there were fashion magazines. I remember buying my first Vogue, I still have it. It had a picture of Kate Winslet on the cover (very romantic, soft photograph) and I remember feeling so grown up, clutching it to my chest on the way home where I read it about a zillion times. When Elle brought out a magazine which I miss horribly called 'Elle Girl' that really opened my eyes to even more, and I saw so many different ways to step out of the box. Many, many clothes were lost in the great customizing war of my teens (may they rest in piece) including some of my sisters, accidentally of course (sorry Kat). Ironically at the moment I'd describe myself as pretty minimalist, but that could all change of course.

I've been watching a lot of childhood movie recently and I began to realize two great fashion moments that really stand out to me like:

Who's that Girl:

I love the punk style (If you've read a lot of my blog you'll know how I feel about leather. If you haven't then btw, I feel very good about it) and I loved the playfulness of it, it was fun and over the top and just for her and no one else. It is rebellious and wrong and all mixed up but it's so right at the same time. (Leather leotard, tutu and cuddly, monkey head purse tied around the waist, well you never know till you try!) I loved the character too, I've always regretted just a tiny bit, being so well behaved in school.

The King and I:

That dress. It just wowed me. There's this bit when she comes in wearing it and then takes off her shawl and cut of the top of the dress is revealed and I didn't want to be a little kid anymore I wanted to be this woman I was seeing; she was so elegant. That dress represents the first time you like a boy, your first dance, your first kiss. It so romantic. I just love it.


Wednesday, 4 May 2011


Photo taken from Olsens Anonymous

They are absolute total geniuses...everything they wear is mad and perfect. As a general rule i tend to like more what MK wears, it's more bohemian, slightly messy, artistically crumpled, an entire jewelery shop adorning her neck and hands...Ashley is always much more classical, lots of white, tailoring, almost painfully chic...but I think I might be team A this time, the sleeves and the cut of the dress are just wow.

dot to dot

Sunday, 10 April 2011


After a hard days work in the garden my nails were looking a little worse for wear, so I thought I'd spruce them up a bit! I used two Barry M shades, black and white. I'm thinking up new colour combinations already...

green fingers


It has been so glorious today. Totally amazing. Jenny and I spent hours this morning in the garden pruning and digging and painting the garden chairs pink and lilac (they look awesome). There is a lot more work to do (it's a jungle out there) but it looks much better already. I'll be sure to post some pictures when it's finished. These two pictures make me feel very summery, i hope they have the same effect on you!

tied up

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Wow! How? See here.

(great blog as well!)

fantasy maths

Tuesday, 5 April 2011


skirt - Rochas, Alba skull print t-shirt - Zadig & Voltaire, penny loafers - church's, sequin crepe t-shirt - Chloe, suede block heels - Marni

I cannot decide. All i know is I love that skirt! Also, is there anything that loafers don't go with? (Answer: nope).

red wine

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Lipstick - Models Own - Red Wine

Experimenting with next autumns hot lipstick colour for drinks Saturday night. Think red but burnt and rusted. Get yours now. As a side note, cocktails are £2 at Font Bar in Manchester. I would recommend Smoke on the water (like alcoholic ribena) and the Strawberry Daiquiri (the bar lady forgot to put the cream in mine but I'm glad she did because it was even nicer!). Oh and the Amaretto sour was yummy too, well, they were only £2!

brilliant white

Tuesday, 29 March 2011


shorts - H&M - £12.99

Due to a shift mix up, I was two hours early for work this morning. Luckily, H&M opens at nine. I bought these white shorts to wear with everything all summer long. I loved the all white looks on the S/S catwalks so I'm going to pair my shorts with loose peasant style blouses and sheer shirts. Oh, and silver shoes as soon as i find the perfect pair. I'm on a serious hunt for them. So far, a pair from River Island are winning but I'm hoping Primark with offer some (cheaper) contenders soon.

silver claw


Matt white - Barry M, Block orange - Barry M, Your majesty - Rimmel, Parma Violet - Topshop

I'm having a bit of a nail varnish moment this month. It would be safe to say I'm developing a bit of an obsession. I've bought four in March alone; white, coral, lilac and my new out of this world silver (it's blowing my mind, my camera really doesn't do it justice).

big foot

Tuesday, 22 March 2011


shoes - £15 - COW vintage Manchester

I'm not really a heels girl. I get a bit giddy over a pair of platforms from time to occasional time and I'll buy them if they're on sale but as I say, I'm not a heels girl. Now, flats. They are a different matter. In flats, i can walk around town all day and in leather (preferably black) flats i can walk around all day and keep my feet dry (bloody rain). It's heaven. Plus, I hardly ever, ever find vintage shoes in my size (8). It seems fifties women had very tiny feet. Well fifties big foot woman, whoever you are, thank you for these beauties! (Or, thank you teeny tiny man).


Saturday, 19 March 2011


Mac - vintage - £10 - Stockport Market, Manchester

Thanks to Stockport's Saturday markets I've finally found a coat i like enough to actually wear. I secretly despise coats because you spend all morning putting together an outfit and then you put on a coat and Oh. Hard work has disappeared. You always seem to end up having to take coats off as well and then you have to carry them and they get in the way. In short, not really worth the hassle. But this coat, the love child of an aristocratic Parisian and a downtown detective has completely changed my mind. Coat's now offically rule.

thankyou Grazia

Wednesday, 16 March 2011


I have been so distracted by the beauty and excitement of A/W that I've not even been thinking about spring that much, let alone summer. But today, as I was flicking through Grazia magazine (this week a high street special, totally recommend it, Grazia taste but at prices you can afford, after payday anyway) at work, i saw them. A pair of FABULOUS (and completely worth this abuse of the caps lock key) turquoise and leopard print sunglasses. I think they are the coolest sunglasses I have ever seen. I couldn't believe they were from Claire's Accessories, that place hasn't been cool since i was thirteen. So of course after work i nipped down to ol'Claire's and bought myself a pair for £6.50. Flippen steal!

Louis Vuitton A/W 2011

Tuesday, 15 March 2011


This show kind of reminds me of Ellie Driver in Kill Bill as she walks down the hospital corridor to the whistling song. Beautiful and ominous. It also reminds of dominatrix's crossed with an army of vengeful female soldiers. They look hell bent either way. Comfort over style? No way. The contrasts are wonderful, restraint versus full blown erotica. Sweet jumpers and white collars next to wide, almost painful looking waist belts and see-through sheer. Thick military style coats with thigh high stockings. One of the models walked down the runway with her hands clasped in front of her, completing the confusing yet fascinating collection that you really cannot, and why would you want to, look away from.


Sunday, 13 March 2011

Nail polish in 'parma violet' from Topshop

I've been hunting for the perfect lilac nail polish for ages. I wanted one like the Natural Collection one my sister used to use when i had convinced her to paint my nails when i was little. This one is from Topshop in 'parma violet'. It wasn't too badly priced either at £5, it's pretty good quality, although you do need two coats. My sister also used to put little daisy's on my nails too (she is a good sister!). I'm going to post a nail tutorial soon on how to do the little daisies, it's really easy and looks adorable. Stay tuned!

Stella McCartney A/W 2011

Monday, 7 March 2011


Stella McCartney is one of my all time favourites. Apart from one season that i try not to think about, i always love and want everything. Minimalism can be difficult to do, the best way to ensure success is to make sure your fabrics look (or are) expensive. Silk, cashmere, sheer, lace, that kind of thing. Basically, if you see it and want to touch it, it's perfect. That's what makes this collection so fantastic. It has a real subtle sexuality too, very effortless, very 'oh-this-old-thing-i-just-threw-it-on'. Every piece has the potential to become your favourite thing in your wardrobe. The thing that you pull out everytime and think, no i can't wear that again, I've worn it for the last week! Then you'll try on everything else from your wardrobe before admitting defeat and pulling it on anyway. Highlights: the lace peeping out from under the blazer, the long billowing trousers, white chunky jumper and the voluminous sleeves.



I was intially attracted to this collection by the flash of blue i could see popping off each tiny image on Elleuk and i had to have a closer look. I went past the blue and started to get a bit bored, but I am so glad i kept clicking because i reached this camel, sequin, pvc mac, fur goodness that you can see above. It's a tutorial for anyone who wants to wear orange but doesn't know what it goes with (a lot in case you wear wondering; brown, royal blue, camel, peach, purple and grey just to name a few).