Stella McCartney A/W 2011

Monday, 7 March 2011

Stella McCartney is one of my all time favourites. Apart from one season that i try not to think about, i always love and want everything. Minimalism can be difficult to do, the best way to ensure success is to make sure your fabrics look (or are) expensive. Silk, cashmere, sheer, lace, that kind of thing. Basically, if you see it and want to touch it, it's perfect. That's what makes this collection so fantastic. It has a real subtle sexuality too, very effortless, very 'oh-this-old-thing-i-just-threw-it-on'. Every piece has the potential to become your favourite thing in your wardrobe. The thing that you pull out everytime and think, no i can't wear that again, I've worn it for the last week! Then you'll try on everything else from your wardrobe before admitting defeat and pulling it on anyway. Highlights: the lace peeping out from under the blazer, the long billowing trousers, white chunky jumper and the voluminous sleeves.


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