Saturday, 19 March 2011

Mac - vintage - £10 - Stockport Market, Manchester

Thanks to Stockport's Saturday markets I've finally found a coat i like enough to actually wear. I secretly despise coats because you spend all morning putting together an outfit and then you put on a coat and Oh. Hard work has disappeared. You always seem to end up having to take coats off as well and then you have to carry them and they get in the way. In short, not really worth the hassle. But this coat, the love child of an aristocratic Parisian and a downtown detective has completely changed my mind. Coat's now offically rule.


Jessica On Paper said...

Wow, a tenner, amazing!!
I found a gentleman's paisley dressing gown from the 60s the other week! It was amongst a bunch of modern cast offs, and was only about £2-3.
But, like you with coats, I am with dressing gowns. They get in the way, the sleeves drag in kitchen muck, and now I have one that's vintage I have to be really precious about it. But it looks good just hanging on the back of my door :)
Lots of love, I miss you, Corrine!!
J. x

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